Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday, June 1, 2009

Promo 101 Virtual Blog Tours spent a few minutes with Barbara Bonfigli at her book launch in New York on Thursday May 28th at the fabulous Greek Restaurant Periyali on 20th -

Are you a book blogger? Are you a book lover? Are you interested in finding a book that will transport you to an exotic locale? You NEED to learn more about this book. We will be working with author, Barbara Bonfigli during the summer and we can't wait to share her debut novel and fictional memoir- Cafe Tempest. Get your "ticket" now for a summer trip to a Greek island.

Promo 101 Virtual Blog Tours also announced the Just the FAQs Blog Tour with MaAnna Stephenson from July 6-31. Join nationally acclaimed author, MaAnna Stephenson, on her blog book tour this July. Two decades of technical writing, web design and marketing for countless private clients and community groups have led her to produce a new instructional series titled Just the FAQs, the ultimate user-friendly guides to the technical aspects of internet marketing and promotions.
Barbara Weaver Smith’s article on How To Overcome This sluggish Economy on her blog -

More lively blogs will be featured in June, please check back often, leave comments and keep on the sunny side. Terry

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