Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year's Eve

Happy New Year's Eve Bloggers,

I will be picking up the thread for this blog on January 5 with a roster of six new authors who have planned exciting tours for the New Year. For a sneak preview, check out Nikki Leigh's featured authors at

Personally, I would like to wish each of you a Happy New Year and that your wishes and resolutions come to pass. Blessings on each and every one of you.

For myself, I hope to continue to do a good job here at and my boss book promoter Nikki Leigh. I will be continuing work on my Chesapeake Heritage series and hope to finish book four by spring. Chesapeake Harvest is doing well in both print and ebook sales and Chesapeake Legacy is in ebook form and recently traveled to the printer.

If anyone ever told me being an author meant being a salesman I would have laughed at them, but here I am, promoting my own books and the books others write here on . If your resolution is to be more active in selling your work, look at Nikki Leigh's free blogs designed to give authors the opportunity to promote their own work. I have submitted to several of the blogs and it is easy! Check it out: - Share your furry writing companions
How to Submit - - Details about story setting.
How to Submit – Discuss animals in your book.
How to Submit - - Villains in your book.
How to Submit – - Heroine in your book.
How to Submit - - Hero in your book.
How to Submit - - Best Friend
How to Submit - - Share Book Details
How to Submit – - From Books to the Movies
If a movie was made about your book, which actors and actresses would play the main characters? This is your chance in case a movie of your book and it can be a lot of fun.
How to Submit – - Interview a Male Character
How to Submit - - Interview a Female Character
How to Submit - - In Detail With Nikki Leigh
Give potential readers more information about you and your background.
How to Submit – - Before I Was Published
Tell us about what you did before you were published and especially include anything that relates to your books and your writing.
How to Submit -


Wishing you the happiest of New Year's Eve, tons of sales, and a happy and sunny New Year.


Terry L White -Author of the Chesapeake Heritage Series
"Travel Through Time With Terry
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