Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday May 7, 2009

Yesterday Promo 101 Virtual Blog tours began a series of visits with Joyce Anthony on her blog Joyce Anthony shared details about Whale Hunting Women and Barbara Weaver Smith

About Whale Hunting Women

Whale Hunting Women—how women do big deals in business and community. For inspiration, motivation, and direction, this book celebrates women as deal-makers and includes how to “break the minnow mindset” and how to create a fast-growth culture. It documents three cultural transformations that favor women’s leadership styles: the trend to replace competition with collaboration; the need to transform bureaucracy to entrepreneurship; and the value of perceiving a world of abundance rather than a culture of scarcity. The book offers advice on how small companies or organizations can manage their public presence to generate the whales’ confidence that they have the capabilities and professionalism to complete big deals with big customers and partners. The book incorporates a deal-maker’s journal; each chapter includes worksheets to prompt reflections and action plans.

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