Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday May 7, 2009

Promo 101 Virtual Blog Tours opened it's May tours with a couple of blog stops this week.

Yesterday, Lorraine Ball shared a guest post from Barbara Weaver Smith about the sales process for small businesses on her blog

If you are a woman in business, The Whale Hunters teachs you how to reach out and bring in big deals. This tour follows Barbara Weaver Smith as she teaches people how to excel in business. Barbara's advice: Never think you are too small to go after big business deals.

Also announced last week is a special tour for May 11- 15. This is a one-week campaign because the authors are doing an Amazon best seller campaign as well. Each person who buys the book on May 14th will also get thousands of dollars worth of free gifts from their joint venture partners. Virtual Blog Tours is coordinating a virtual blog tour during that week and you are invited to participate. If you would like to talk about being part of this tour, contact me at

I am looking for an ark. Has anyone seen one for sale out there? If not, try to keep on the sunny side. Terry

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